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The development of e-paper mobile phone
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According to Reuters, the use of flexible displays soft phone will be launched in the first half of 2012.

Chinese do not have the core technology from CRT to LCD, color TV companies need to pay a display of expensive patent and other expenses. Therefore, in the field of flexible displays early started the pace. A decade ago, the Chinese "863" Project project on OLED technology for special study. In 2002, the "863" Project High-Definition flat panel display technology special officially launched.

Ouyang Zhong Cangong open, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: "If only the development of the LCD there is a problem after all LCD in Japan and Korea are relatively mature technology, we have been catching up role." In this connection, he proposed the development of flat panel display technology, AMOLED worth a try. From China's development of flat panel display industry situation, the OLED at the same starting line with international standards; development from the strategic point of view, the only development of OLED will it be possible in the future to gain the initiative.

In June 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the results of the electronic information industry development fund for AMOLED projects bidding, Industry and Information section do not give Cigna, BOE, rainbow, as the three enterprise funds to support.

In February 2012, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology began another tender to tender for "smartphone with AMOLED display driver IC R & D and industrialization".

Yin Sheng, Professor, Department of Electronic Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology introduced to the new fiscal reporter said, from the current technical difficulties, due to limited technology, AMOLED display up to less than LCD's resolution, the life of the material or no LCD, despite the application to the phone not a big problem, but if you do with AMOLED display, then, under the present conditions may be life is not more than a decade.

Compared with South Korea, Japanese companies invested driven R & D mode, the R & D mode and input there is clearly insufficient. Engage in display research this line is very costly, and a TFT production line costs should be 10 billion, 20 billion yuan. "Yin Sheng said," Now the country has cast a lot of money down, but together can not and Samsung than Samsung cast 100 billion dollar bill. "

The basic products of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Information Division Director Peng Hongbing said that enterprises are not strong, not strong government support, the two do not impose together in the industries of the future high ground, very clear competitive disadvantage, not to mention the advantage .

Three display technology

A cathode ray tube display (CRT)

The core components of cathode ray tubes come out has exceeded a hundred years. The technology is mature, and rich color images, high definition, etc., so far, is still the most widely used display technology.

2, LCD technology

In 1968, LCD technology is used to display, five years after the start of industrialization. In the last years of the twentieth century, the liquid crystal display effects only gradually catch up with the cathode ray tube display. Today, the liquid crystal display has been widely used in portable digital devices.

3, the OLED displays

Comer. The thinner the advantage of not only attracting enterprises to join the original surrounding the development of liquid crystal, are also attracted to the field of Chinese research team.
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