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Electronic Shelf Label profile
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Electronic Shelf Label(ESL)

ESL system(Electronic Shelf Label) is becoming popular in supermarkets and retail stores which replaces the traditional paper price label. The price displayed can be controled by a computer remotely which significantly saves the cost of time and labor. Via a shared price database, the price displayed on ESL is always the same with the one in POS. The ESL labels with promotion information and dynamically price changing functions bring a whole new world to price management in various stores.

Advantage of ESL system

1.Reduce the labor and time cost compared to traditional paper label
2.Enable convenient promotion activities and periodical price setting
3.Avoid price difference bewteen the pos data and the one displayed
4.Raise the satisfaction rate of customers and improve store image
Working principle of ESL
Middleware links the store computer database and the Base Station. The operator manages the price on the store computer, the middleware downloads the price setup to the base station.
The electronic shelf label is fixed on the shelf, displaying the price on its EPD screen. The base station broadcasts multiple price information to corresponding ESLs, and each ESL sends back signals to confirm if the price update is successful.

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