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Advantages for development of the ESL electronic shelf labels
Date:2011.05.04 source:Electronic shelf label screen - professional manufacturer-Wuxi Wei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. Views:

Electronic shelf labels referred to as ESL, ESL is a placed on the shelf, and can replace the traditional paper price tags, electronic display devices, an ESL connected through wired or wireless network and shopping malls, computer database, and the latest commodity prices through the ESLthe screen is displayed.
    Electronic shelf labeling system referred to as the ESLs are super into our retailers, it abolished the long-established manual old-fashioned label. Computer remote control to change the commodity prices, without any manual operation. In the same database platform, ESL and POS systems always maintain the consistency of the price. ESL core value: the super convenient price change, the supermarket can be more promotions to increase sales.

    Wuxi Wei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing ESL Screen, electronic shelf labels Screen ESL electronic shelf label matrix screen, electronic price tag screen body, ESL matrix screen, electronic paper watch screen body, e-book package Screen mid industry chain of manufacturers. Is also a professional development matrix screen technology and related finished goods manufacturers, and upstream raw material manufacturers and downstream of the terminal module and sales of manufacturers to establish extensive cooperation.

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